Ph. D's at NCEMP

Ph. D's done at NCEMP:


Sl. No. Name of Student Topic of Ph. D. thesis Year of Submission
1.   Vishnu P. Chatterjee   Geochemistry and evolution of carbonatite alkalic complex of Ambadongar, Gujarat   1989
2.   Niraj Bansal   Experimental phase equilibria studies of the join Fo-Ab-An at 20 and 35 kbar under variable temperatures and its petrological significance   1992
3.   J.K. Pati   Study of the system diopside-nepheline-albite at 20 kb. and variable temperature : Its significance in the genesis of alkaline rocks   1992
4.   Puniti Singh   Experimental study of the join Di-Ne under variable pressures and temperature in relation to the genesis of sodium-rich mafic and ultramafic rocks   1992
5.   Rajeev Chopra   Experimental study on the join MgSiO2 Al2O3 Cr2O3 between 40 to 60 kb at variable temperatures and its significance in the genesis of chromian garnet corundum and Alunimous orthopyroxene bearing kimberlites    1994
6.   Sudip Maity    Experimental study of system Fo-Al-Di with or without anorthite at variable pressures and temperature and its significance    1997
7.   Ruchira Kar    Experimental Study of the System phlogopite-Mn-phlogopite at 2 GPa and variable temperatures    1998
8.    Kaustav Nag    Experimental study of the system Fo-Di-Lc and Fo-Ak-Lc up to  23 kb. [P(H2O) = P(Total)] and variable temperatures. Its significance in the genesis of ultrapotassic volcanic rocks    2002
9.    Sweta Chattopadhyay    Phase equilibria study of the join diopside-nepheline-sanidine under 0+1, 1 and 2 GPa [P(H2O) = P(Total)] and its significance in the genesis of feldspathoid bearing mafic and ultramafic rocks    2002
10.    Mrigank Mauli Dwivedi    Experimental study of the system Lc-Ak-Plag. Under 1 bar and 20 kbar at variable temperature.    2003
11.    Hirak Bhattacharjee    Experimental Study of the Silica-deficient portion of the system Nepheline-Kalsilite-Silica at 2 GPa and variable temperatures    to be submitted in 2008

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