Objectives of the Centre

Objectives of the Centre are as follows:

  1. To conduct phase equilibria study of various synthetic systems pertaining to the genesis of igneous rocks.
  2. To study of the redox state of the mantle and lower crust.
  3. To study of the structure of silicate liquids formed under different P-T conditions and determination of their physical properties.
  4. Determination of thermodynamic properties of phases from devolatilization reactions.
  5. To study of P-T stability of minerals to know about mantle petrology.
  6. Determination of electrical conductivity and elastic constants of rocks under high P-T conditions.
  7. Meauremant of viscosity of silicate melts.
  8. Determination of solubility of metals in silicate liquids with halogens and
  9. Partitioning of trace and rare earth elements under crystal-liquid equilibrium condition at liquidus under mantle P-T condition.

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