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Multi Anvil Apparata

Multi Anvil Apparatus

Our walker-type multianvil apparatus from Rockland Research is calibrated at room temperature using phase transformation of Bi(I)-Bi(II) transition at 2.55GPA and Bi(III)-Bi(V) transition at 7.7GPa. A calibration at 1000 degree celcius was based on quartz-coesite transition at 5.27GPa. For achiving pressure from 2.5 GPa to 25 GPa we use different sizes of MgO octahedrons.

Tungsten carbide cubic anvils of 25 mm of edge and with 8 mm and 12mm Truncation Edge Length (TEL) are available. Noble metal capsules containing the starting material are placed in the hot spot of the furnace. An axial Pt-Pt13%Rh thermocouple (type S) is in direct contact with the capsule. MgO spacers and ceramic insulators are placed around the capsule and the thermocouple. Graphite discs on both the ends of the assembly provide electrical contact with the WC cubes.

A setp by step method of assembly (with the help of figures) is shown below.

Multi-Anvil Assembly

Different components of Pressure Media of Multi-Anvil apparatus.

MA Assembly of different size

4 cubes

7 cubes


Cubes inside apoxy packing


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