Mineral Study

Laboratory Method of the Study of Minerals

Laboratory investigations are carried out to diagnose minerals, study their chemical composition, physical properties, crystallo-chemical characteristic features, defectiveness and other heterogeneities essential to the solution of various theoretical, genetic and applied problems. A brief of the most important laboratory methods of mineral analysis is given below.

1. The Chemical method 2. Emission spectral analysis
3. Flame photometry 4. Atomic-absorption analysis
5. The X-ray spectral analysis 6. Radiometric methods
7. Radioactivation analysis 8. X-ray diffraction methods
9. Electronic microscopy 10. The thermal method
11. Infrared spectroscopy 12. Optical spectrophotometry
13. Fluorometric analysis 14. Resonance Spectroscopy
15. Mass-spectrometry 16. Thermobarometric analysis


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