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Dr. Kamlesh PandeyDr. Kamlesh Pandey

e-mail: kp@ncemp.org, kp542831@yahoo.com

Dr Pandey is working as a Scientist (B) in this Centre since 1999. He did his doctoral study at B.H.U. Varanasi.
Dr Pandey has about seven and half years of research experience in Solid Ionics/Material science. He has developed some proton conduction polycrystalline electrolytes (low and intermediate temperature) Dr Pandey has developed and characterised some rechargeable proton batteries. He has been preparing some other devices like fuel cell, hydrogen sensor and humidity sensor, moisture meter. Dr Pandey achieved following techniques during his course of Ph.D. a) Computer controlled Solartron (1550) Frequency Response Analyser coupled with Solartron (1286) Electrochemical Interface (b) DTA/TGA unit of LINSEIS ( Germany type 2045), (c) IR spectrophotometer with low & high temperature arrangement of Perkin-Elmer Model 883, (d) Optical Microscope of Lieca with visual recording system (e), Residual Gas Analyser of AGRA plus, (f) Coulometer for transference number measurements, (g) Transient ionic current (TIC) technique for mobility measurement, (h) Vacuum coating unit with electron beam and flash evaporation system. Research Publications He has eight publications in National and International Journals

Ph.D. (1995) Banaras Hindu University, India.



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