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This Lab has apparatus capable of reproducing and maintaining for many hours the conditions where petrological processes occur, ranging from the surface of the earth to depths of about 600 kilometers. In this lab we can achieve pressures ranging from 1atm to 20GPa and temperatures ranging from few hundred degree centigrade to 2000 degree centigrade with the help of following high pressure/high temperature apparatus:

1. Multi-Anvil    2. Piston-Cylinder     3. Hydro-thermal

Octahedra1. Walker type Multi-Anvil High Pressure Apparatus

A walker-type multi-anvil apparatus from Rockland Research was installed in High Pressure Lab. This apparatus is used for achieving pressure from 2.5 GPa to 25 GPa and temperature from room temperature to 2000 degree centigrade. Tungsten carbide cubic anvils of 25 mm of edge and with 8 mm and 12mm Truncation Edge Length (TEL) are available. Noble metal capsule containing the starting material is placed at the hot spot of the furnace. An axial Pt-Pt13%Rh thermocouple (type S) is in direct contact with the capsule. MgO spacers and ceramic insulators are placed around the capsule and the thermocouple. Graphite discs on both the ends of the assembly provide electrical contact with the WC cubes.

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Multi-Anvil Apparatus

Photograph of Multi-Anvil apparatus in our Lab.

Multi-Anvil Assembly

Different components of Pressure Media of Multi-Anvil apparatus.

Piston Cylinder Apparatus

Photograph of Piston Cylinder apparatus in our Lab.

2. Piston cylinder apparatus

A Toshiba Tungaloy Co., Ltd. Japan make piston cylinder apparatus is used to achive pressures ranging from 1 to 4GPa and  temperature ranging from 600 to 1500 degree centigrades.


Piston Cylinder Assembly

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3. Hydrothermal apparatus

Four numbers of Leco make hydrothermal systems are used to achive pressures up to 4 Kbar with sensitivity of 0.1Kbar and temperatures up to 1000 degree centigrade. The use of Chromal Alumel thermocouple gives a measuring sensitivity of 1 degree centigrade.

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Hydrothermal Apparatus

Photograph of Hydrothermal apparatus in our Lab.




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