Fire animationHigh Temperature Furnaces

This lab is equipped with following types of furnaces.

1. Kanthal Supper '33' high temperature furnace to study thermal behaviour of the mineralogical system up to 1700oC. This furnace has a heating zone of: 12cm x 12cm x 25 cm. This 4 KWatt Kanthal Super '33' high temperature furnace has 8 numbers of Molybdenum Disilicide heating elements and has a PID controlled thyristerised circuitry for stepless regulation of input current and/or rate of temperature rise and for compansation of supply voltage variation. This furnace could be used at 1700oC for sort duration and could be at 1600oC continuously.

Kanthal Super Furnace

Silicon-carbide Furnace

2. One vertical and one horizontal 1-atm Silicon-carbide furnace, capable of attaining temperatures of 1400oC. Both these furnaces give uniform heating zone of: 12.5cm x 15cm x 25 cm.

3. Kanthal-wire wound crystallizing furnace capable of attaining temperature of 1000oC. The heating zone of this furnace is: 37cm x 13cm x 13cm.

Kanthal-wire Furnace

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